Industrial Automation

Analysis and optimization of industrial assembly lines, focusing on energy efficiency and increased productivity.


Electric distribution boards

Project and execution of electric distribution board with different dimensions and complexities. We deliver the boards tested and certified. 


Building Automation

Design and implementation of residential and corporate automation with integration of BMS systems - Building Managment Systems.


Intercommunication and Intrusion Detection

Support in the definition of video intercom solutions, intrusion detection and fire, for residential and corporate buildings.


Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Elaboration of integrated solutions of electric car chargers, with different types of configurations and forms of energy management.




  • Antenna instalations
  • Videosurveillance systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Automata Programming
  • DALI and DMX lighting solutions
  • Electric Projects
  • Electrical consumption management
  • Solar Panels Installation
  • Energy microgeneration projects
  • Audio & Video Signal Distribution
  • Residential Automation
  • Corporate Automation
  • Electric maintenance
  • Lighting replacemente to LED
  • Electric distribution boards certification